Pure Liquid Zeolite

Waioras Terms and Conditions

For Not for Resale Countries

(Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan Philippines, Singapore)

Waiora’s Not-For-Resale (NFR) Program Terms & Conditions

To join Waiora as a “Preferred NFR Member” in your home country you hereby understand and agree that (i) the products you purchase are for personal use or for members of your immediate family and that the products are not for resale; (ii) You are responsible for all taxes and duties associated with the appropriate customs checkpoint; and (iii) Waiora is not responsible for products confiscated by customs officials.

You also further agree that you will not order more than the permissible amount of product authorized by local law for personal importation into the country you are a resident of, per the schedule below …

IMPORTANT! Pure Liquid Zeolite (pureliquidzeolite.com, PLZ Foundation) is a private, humanitarian, not for profit, tax exempt, non-government organisation. And as such is

not required to quote an ABN, Business number or hold any government registrations. This organisation does NOT collect GST, VAT Or Tax of any kind for its own use. All taxes collected are for the sole purpose of passing on to the supplier WAIORA for their tax purposes. We are also not responsible for handling any tax requirements of affiliates, by participating in our affiliates program affiliates agree to handle all of their own tax requirements bar none.

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