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The Real Reason Why You Can’t Fall Asleep When Stressed & How To Overcome It

Why Cant I Fall Asleep

Why do you battle to sleep when you’re stressed, and what can you do about it?

So many of us complain about not being able to sleep at night because our mind is racing with thoughts – especially when we’re feeling anxious and stressed.

A major reason for this happening has to do with your liver and gall bladder meridians. A meridian is an energy system in the body that is usually related to a specific organ, and it governs certain processes within your body, e.g. your gall bladder meridian helps you think and process information, while your liver meridian processes anger.

Often these two things are the very reason we can’t sleep at night – we’re thinking and processing the day’s events and planning ahead (gall bladder) and then releasing anger (liver).

How Do You Know If It’s Meridians?

You get two kinds of insomnia: one where you can’t fall asleep, and one where you wake up after you’ve fallen asleep. The key thing that will tell you if you’re dealing with a meridian problem is the time that you wake up or battle to go to sleep. 

For many people who battle with gall bladder and liver meridian sleeping issues, they’ll often say that they cannot fall asleep if they’re awake after 11PM at night. For many of these people, they often only get sleepy just after 1AM or 3AM again.

The other group is those who wake up as a result of what the meridian is processing, either as the meridian cycle kicks in or as it peaks.

If it’s gall bladder meridian, it starts at 11PM and runs until 1AM, peaking between 11:30PM and 12:30AM. If it’s liver meridian, it starts at 1AM and runs until 3AM, kicking off its peak at around 1:30AM.

Tips For Circumventing Meridian Based Sleep Problems

Be Asleep By 10:30

If you’re asleep by 10:30PM, you are often in a deep enough sleep that you will sleep through the gall bladder meridian cycle.

This is difficult though, because many of us are night owls and we like being awake until after 11PM. Also, it will take practice and discipline the first few nights.

Reset Your Body Clock

Sometimes when your body is really battling to adjust to a new sleep cycle or get into a regular sleeping pattern, what you need to do is reset everything.

Stay up as late as you can, all night if you can, and try to stay up the whole of the following day after that. You should be tired enough to sleep through the next night. Sometimes all you need is one good solid night of sleep to kickstart a healthy sleeping routine again.

Wake Up At 3AM & Go To Sleep Earlier

According to the Chinese Clock, the lung meridian cycle, which starts at 3AM, is the official start of the day. Many spiritual people get up around this time of day.

By waking up at 3AM, you’ll be more tired at night and more likely to go to sleep earlier. The change in your cycle may help your body readjust and process more effectively and will likely lead to more restful sleep. You’ll also have a couple of quiet hours to get stuff done.

Take Naps

When you force yourself into a new waking routine, like getting up at 3AM, there is going to be a period of adjustment and you may feel a little tired for a few days.

When you feel you’re flagging, give yourself a 15 to 20 minute power nap, putting your head on your desk or lying down on a couch if possible. Don’t make it more than 20 minutes or you’ll throw out the cycle you’re trying to create.

Before You Go To Bed

Take a look at what you’re doing around bedtime.

Minimise the amount of tech you use in your bedroom, including a TV. Don’t fall asleep with the TV on.

Get some movement and be tired out a little before you sleep. One great way to do this is a with a calming yoga session, like this free lunar flow series from www.yogadownload.com – http://bit.ly/lctlunarflow.

Another great way to get your blood pumping is to masturbate or have sex. You’ll be naturally tired, and the feel -good chemicals released into your bloodstream will have you drifting off in no time.

Ride It Out When You Can’t Sleep

Sometimes, regardless of what you do, you just can’t get back to sleep. Often this happens because you are processing a lot of stuff on the energetic level.

If this does happen, then go easy on yourself. Push yourself a little less hard at work, don’t bring work home, and take lunch break or power naps.

No period like this ever lasts forever, and as soon as your system is done processing you will fall back into a more regular sleep routine again.


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