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Recovering the ‘Youth of Your Life’ An assessment of Isagenix Product B Telomere Support By Dr. Robert B. Norett

By Dr. Robert Norett
In more than 3 decades of personal and clinical practice of metabolic, nutritional, naturopathic, and many of the exotic and pioneering methods of wellness and lifestyle medicine, I have not once stood on a soapbox and unconditionally shared about a product, diet, or program.

All of my recommendations have been within the office setting, or with a clear therapeutic intent involved. All that is changed with Product B. It is clear that it would be a disservice if I were not to share, and, honestly, I have never encountered or experienced something like Product B in my entire career. The fact is, there just hasn’t ever been anything like it before this time.

After being introduced to Product B and the concept of telomere support and function, I began, as usual, to investigate by taking it myself, and looking into the science and background of telomeres. In a very short time it dawned on me that there hasn’t ever been anything comparable to it before, because, our entire collective basis of practice, knowledge and measurement of nutritional support has been from the “outside-in.”
Any supplement of any variety activates, replenishes, or balances a metabolic pathway, cellular function, or deficiency. Everything is from the outside-in to effect the “expressed” functions of the cell or system in question. There has never been anything that completely worked from the inside-out because, (1) there wasn’t any knowledge of what could be done from the inside, and (2) there wasn’t the science or technology of how to.

DNA and Telomeres

DNA is ultimately the ‘inside’. The building blocks of life are organized in helices elaborately organized and bound together as chromosomes. Every cell that divides to replenish itself, does so by replicating (copying) its DNA and dividing into 2 daughter cells, each with a copy of the complete chromosome. The cell stops dividing and dies (average 52 times) because the ends of the chromosomes called telomeres, shorten with each division (a loss of between 25 and 200 base pairs occurs with each division). Telomeres protect a cell’s chromosomes from fusing with each other or rearranging, but when they shorten enough, the cellular DNA begins to be unable to safely replicate itself and the cell dies. This is the cause of ageing.

Shortening of telomeres have been associated with premature aging, old age, and nearly every disease process. It was also discovered that a specialized enzyme, telomerase, keeps thetelomeres longer, and consequently, the cell living longer (up to40% increase of lifespan in mice), and technically, can keep a cellimmortal. There is a gene that expresses telomerase, but is blockedby a repressor gene in humans. (The telomerase suppressor geneis only one of several pathways involved in cell senescence.[i]) This has been the quest in geriatric, anti-aging, and genetics research since the discovery of telomeres and the action of telomerase: [ii] a way to turn on telomerase activity!


The combined efforts of several teams provided the solution. It took an arduous path of researching and developing a technical scientific method to accurately measure the effect of biochemical compounds on telomerase activity. Thanks to the tireless work of the team of Bill Andrews, PhD, [iii] there was now a way to measure what turned up the volume on this enzyme that could immortalize cells.

The result: Product B…Product B is in its ‘3rd generation’, which means the formula is amended as more potent telomerase activating compounds are found. The herbs and anti-oxidants in the Product B formula are recognizable and available in many other nutritional formulations, but they are not the same. Product B uses a proprietary method of processing and manufacture that renders the formulation of highly bio-available phyto-chemicals with superior anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory activity, that most importantly, are proven to activate telomerase and support telomeres.

When one reads the Product B ingredients, it can be deceptive because we find these same herbal compounds in many products and formulations. If we encapsulated and ingested these raw ingredients or made a tea of them, the properties that support telomeres would not be the same. The secret to Product B activity is in the proprietary way it is processed and manufactured to release phyto-nutrients and compounds not available any other way.


As a clinician and evidence-based practitioner of natural medicine, it has always been necessary for me to know the precise action of whatever I prescribe. There is always a mechanism to explain and understand the action on the body that any therapeutic agent activates. With Product B there is a ‘grand canyon’ between what we know the measurable action is, and the result of that action!

What we can clearly say about Product B is that there it supports telomeres. The mechanism of that support is by increasing telomerase activity. Once we have increased the length of our shortened telomeres, it becomes a wild guess as to the specific action of how this causes the results we are seeing with Product B. For example, after 2 weeks of Product B, a Type II diabetic, stably managed for decades has to lower his insulin dosage due to lowered blood sugar. Ten years of managed chronic pain in another is gone in less than a week. Generalized reports of improved digestive function, deeper recovering sleep, and increased endurance – as well as healthier skin tone and color can only lead us to ‘suppose’ the action on the many mechanisms that might be involved.

The testimonials and anecdotal reports of people taking Product B may sound like something we have heard before about many of the superfood products, the next new magical south American tree bark, or juice of an exotic jungle fruit now available to us. The difference with Product B, different than any other ‘product’ or supplement, is that we know for a fact that the telomeres are being affected.

Many individuals on their own have had their telomeres measured (labs are now available to the public for this) before, and after a period of time of taking Product B, and have seen the improvement and increase in telomere length. We know Product B works! [iv] As I mentioned at the beginning of this, I have practiced individualized nutrition for more than 30 years, and never have made a generalized, blanket recommendation for any supplement or product. But based on the evidence of Product B telomere support, and my own personal experience, I am doing so now. Product B is different and not like anything else I have seen before. Having longer telomeres, more vitality and endurance, and recovering the youth of your life, is something I wish for everyone. Product B is that good.
Because the direct action of Product B is on the support of telomeres, and because it is clinically and scientifically unpredictable what the expressed changes will be in one individual to another, time is essential to learn just how it will work for you. In my own case I noticed significant changes within the first week -the same was true for my wife. My intention was to use Product B for 3-4 months for a personal evaluation, yet the potency of the changes I have experienced has prompted this writing at just 2 months. I am suggesting to everyone beginning with Product B to take it for 3-4 months before making any conclusions.

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