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Product B Special Report by Dr. Gabriel Cousens

By Dr. Gabriel Cousens

In my forty years of clinical experience, working with a variety of products, nutraceuticals , supplements, herbs, and a variety of technologies, I have never seen or experienced anything like Product B. It appears to be truly the breakthrough into a new era. Research has been done throughout the world for centuries to find the secret of youth. Product B represents what may be that secret to youth. I like to call it Product Brilliant. This addresses the rebuilding of the foundation of our physical existence. To truly understand what I am talking about I need to refer to the research that has been done on telomeres.

Maria A. Blasco, director of the Telomere and Telomerase Research Group at the Centra Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas, in essence says it bluntly, “Human beings born with shorter telomeres due to telomere mutations live shorter lives.” This is the condition in the world today because of external environmental conditions, lifestyles, and diet. Before we get into that, let’s look at the terms telomere and telomerase.

Telomeres form, in essence, the tip of the chromosome. They are like the plastic end of a shoelace that holds the fibers of the shoelace together. Telomeres are essential for protecting the chromosomes from degrading during their replication process known as fusion and recombination. Telomeres are 7-10 Kb in length and are made of repeated DNA sequences which are comprised of thousands of replications of a particular nucleotide ( building blocks of the DNA) sequence called TTAGGG ( each letter stands for a particular nucleotide) that are unique in the genome. They serve as a foundation point for a group of proteins called sheltrins whose role is to protect the telomere. The telomeric DNA gene sequences are shortened with each cell division. That means that with age, as our cells continue to divide, with each division the telomeres continue to shorten. As the telomeres shorten, the sheltrins are unable to attach to the chromosome to protect them. As this degeneration happens the organism ages. That is really the key to understanding a little bit of what goes on. It appears that when the telomere base sequence become less than 5000 the gene expression is severely compromised and we have accelerated cell aging and cell death. Shortened telomeres, when they reach a certain length, disorganize the DNA structure and function. The shortened telomeres create chromosome breakage and then chromosome rearrangement, and ultimately this essentially leads to enhanced cell death and/or the potential of cancer with aging. The longer the telomere is, the more effective is gene expression. When telomeres shorten gene expression becomes compromised. When shortened telomeres are lengthened, gene expression is immediately improved and health returns. In other words, when you lengthened the shortened telomeres you activate diminished gene function in the continuum back to optimal.

Telomerase is an enzyme that lengthens telomeres. Specifically, research has shown that the expression of the telomerase gene in aging cells which have shortened telomeres have been shown to produce an increase in telomere length and also gene function associated with younger cells. The induction of telomerase activity seems to have the effect of re-adding telomeric sequences (TTAGGG) back to the telomeres, which not only increases the telomere length but also increases the cell ability to replicate. The cells with previous shortened telomeres, called senescent cells (cells no longer dividing and growing), gain the ability to again proliferate, and no longer function as dead and dying cells, and participate as part of repaired tissue.

Product B has been shown to lengthen the telomeres. It is theorized that it activates what we call promoters, which activate the transcription action. This increases the production of telomerase and RNA. This has not been proven yet, but is part of a general theoretical understanding of the situation. It has been proven, however, that in vitro (meaning cells in a petri dish), Product B activates telomerase in less than 24 hours. There are some preliminary suggestions that this may also be true in vivo. At the end of this discussion, aging is associated with shortened telomeres, and youthing is associated with increasing the telomere length.

The lifestyle I promote, (including eating a low-glycemic, 80-100% live-food, plant-source diet; meditation; time in nature; being in loving relationships; and living productively and fastidiously), slows telomere shortening. These lifestyle practices do not, however, reverse telomere shortening, but by slowing the shortening we are able to prolong longer qualities of extraordinary, enduring, radiant health.

Product B works on a different principle. It appears to reverse telomere shortening. This is the breakthrough. It is in this way it is the fountain of youth in a capsule.

In the research I’ve seen, Product B has been shown to specifically increase the length of the shortened telomeres, which can happen quickly. In vitro, this may happen in less than 24 hours. Remarkably, within a few weeks, or even a day or two people seem to have dramatically positive rejuvenative responses to Product B. It doesn’t increase the overall average length of the telomeres in one year. Instead it increases the average length of the shorter telomeres,which are most needed to bring the cells back into healthy function. It is only when a telomere is short that it moves into dysfunctional gene expression and therefore aging. It appears from the dramatic anecdotal stories at this point that this is happening quickly.

According to Maria Blasco, PhD. humans today are being born with shorter telomeres due to mutations in the telomerase. Therefore, they live shorter lives. This often occurs due to the premature loss of what we clinically refer to as tissue regenerative capacity. What we are seeing is that telomere length is a predictor of the rate of mortality. The longer your telomeres at birth, the longer you are likely to live depending upon your lifestyle. The shorter your telomeres are when you are born, the shorter you are likely to live, depending on your lifestyle. Some research has shown that with the emotional and mental stress of the mother there actually is a shortening of telomeres in the fetus. Also stress, sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety all generally tend to shorten telomeres. When we reverse this we are seeing research showing that even the average 10-year old today has telomeres short enough to take 10 years off their life, as compared to earlier generations. Anecdotal stories suggest that even 8-year old children given Product B all function with  improved, particularly cognitive, function. Until I heard this I thought this should only happen in older people. It is sad to think that our youth today  are suffering from a shortage of telomeres. In my Conscious Eating teaching and in general, I teach that a consistent degenerative lifestyle and diet will lead to progressive degeneration in each subsequent generation. This is consistent with the findings.

There is also some illuminating cancer research by Peter Willet, MD, Johann Willet, MD, et. al, and published in JAMA in 2010, on telomeres, which came to the conclusion that telomeres are essential to preserve the integrity of the genome and critically shortened telomeres lead to replicative cell senescence and chromosomal instability and could therefore lead to cancer. That was their theory. Their research was to determine baseline telomere length and incident cancer mortality. They found a statistically significant inverse relationship between telomere length and cancer incidence and mortality. Those with the shortest telomeres were more likely to die from cancer.  At critically short telomere lengths, cells experience replicative cell senescence. Short telomeres and concurrent chromosomal instability from the short telomeres contributed to malignant cell transformation. In conclusion studies showed that short telomeres were associated with enhanced cancer, and the shorter the telomere, the more likely the cancer would be fatal.

So what do we do with these dramatic associations? According to Maria Blasco it is possible to modify an organism’s longevity by genetic alterations.  She has seen this in a range of organisms from C. elegans to mice. This hasn’t been proven in humans at this point, but we have animal studies that support this point. Blasco points out that the length of the telomeres is also associated with the amount of telomerase available in the cell. In essence she says that the absence of telomerase leads to a progressive shortening of the telomeres. Critically shortened telomeres mean that stem cells lose their ability to regenerate tissues, which then leads to degenerative pathology. Particularly interesting is Blasco’s statement that in vivo (cells in a culture dish) that adding telomerase immortalizes human cell types. The clear theoretical conclusion is that turning on telomerase production in the cells will allow us to decrease cell aging and the pathology associated with this process. In other words, activating telomerase would allow us to reduce telomere shortening and thus enhance the capacity of the tissues to continue to be healthy and delay aging. In vivo experiments, telomerase immortalizes the majority of human cell types. In experiments using mice they found that increasing telomerase activity caused mice to live about 40% longer than normal. This supports the trend of information of what I am talking about. Please keep in mind that Product B has not been proven to increase telomerase. It has been shown, however, to lengthen shortened telomeres. All this is nice theoretically.

Human anecdotal stories to support the research findings are helpful in suggesting trends. However, anecdotal is not the same as experimental proof and should not be used that way. An anecdotal statement is very different than a clinical study. Clinical studies have yet to be done to prove the hypothesis that Product B is creating telomerase and thereby lengthening telomeres. We do see some dramatic anecdotes that excite me much. I’ve reviewed many of these anecdotal stories. I now will share some of these to support my present position on Product B.

A man named Gary M. from Brisbane writes that over 40 years earlier he had dislocated two fingers playing football and he could not bend them without pain. Thirty-five years ago he dislocated his knee, and that it clicked when he walked; it sometimes wouldn’t work right and he would fall down. Five days after beginning Product B he was able to bend his fingers without pain. At 7 days he began to sleep through the night for the first time in years. (The better and deeper sleep experience is a very common one.) On day 8 he noticed an improvement in eyesight, and on day 11 he noticed the clicking in his knee had stopped.

Many of the stories involved much improved clarity of mind. For example, from Gold Coast, Australia there was a client that wrote saying that after 14 days on Product B that she noticed “a remarkable change in my alertness, clarity of mind, and an overall feeling of wellbeing, and even some improvement in tinnitus”.

An 81-year old Oklahoma cowboy, who over the years suffered a broken collarbone, ribs, torn rotator cuff, and knee replacement. As he said “hurting was his way of life”. At 81 he was still try to compete in the select world cutting competition. He had a back operation and was trying to ready for this competition. He had his surgery in May and 3 months later in August (after taking Product B beginning in August) he reported sleeping through the night, reduced ankle swelling (he could see his anklebone that he had been unable to see for years due to his condition), he was able to mount his horse, compete, and even do well. That is pretty dramatic.

A 79 year old women from N. California with severe Alzheimer’s who could not even put on her own make-up, communicate verbally with her daughter, or even watch TV with comprehension was able after 3 weeks on Product B can now put her own make-up on, communicate with her daughter over Skype, and now even remember her prayer over meals. This is unquestionably a dramatic and rapid improvement of Alzheimer’s.

A Hall of Fame boxing broadcaster named Colonel Bob Sheridan, in an interview, incidentally mentioned that he was given Product B by his wife and that he felt a complete health transformation. His diabetes disappeared. His high blood pressure disappeared.  His heart function improved. His joint pain improved. His eyesight improved. His hair began to thicken. He regained his mental acuity and lost 180 pounds. Incidentally, it is too soon to say that Product B heals diabetes, but I have seen a variety of people lower their fasting blood sugar with Product B. I plan to do research on this topic specifically in the future, and have been in discussion with   the co-developers of  Product B: Dr. Bill Andrews and John Anderson, founder of Isagenix (the company that produces Product B), who have both spent hours with me discussing this topic.

Another person who defines herself as “older” named Katherine S. noted that she’d worn glasses since age 21. Now her eyesight has improved. She can read and write text messages and emails on her mobile phone without glasses. Her arthritic pain vanished. Incidentally there is a dramatic amount of people with chronic pain, which completely disappears in as little as 24 hours to 3 weeks. She also reported excess weight loss, more energy, her depression disappeared, as well as her migraines are now gone. She has become more mentally alert, and her chronic pain, which kept her awake at night, is also gone.

Bob P. from Tasmania cited more energy and all aches and pains have vanished.

A 63-year old man having a series of broken bones and joints and living in chronic pain really became pain free in just 6 days.

There are many more of these impressive anecdotal stories. The consistency of all this is what impresses me. What I see in the overall statement are that there are certain really key areas where there is major improvement. When I sum up the many anecdotal statements, I see:

1) Increased clarity and brain power, cognition and memory, better mental focus, and increased inner peace

2) Increased endurance, energy, and strength, with some claiming up to 25% more;

3) Major relief from chronic pain and inflammation and joint pain, which seems quite dramatic;

4) Skin changes, including the reversal of liver spots on the hands;

5) Hair and nail growth, with some accounts of hair darkening;

6) Reversal of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms;

7) Improved digestion and bowel function (Apparently the lining in the small and large intestines, which is generally very regenerative is quite improved with Product B.)

8. Consistent pattern of reduced blood sugars toward normal

9. A consistent improvement in the depth and quality of sleep

One of the most interesting and exciting areas is in the domain of Alzheimer’s disease. This is particularly important, as our lifestyle and environment have accelerated the rates of Alzheimer’s even as early as age 35. They have found that people with Alzheimer’s who have shortened brain cell telomeres do seem to respond dramatically. These include the astrocyte, swan, and glial cells. Some anecdotal stories include dramatic reversal of Alzheimer’s in a few weeks. The animal research supports this too. Researchers have 100% reversal of Alzheimer’s in dogs. I’m not choosing to give the exact dosages that have been reported here, but general dose is 2-3 capsules twice daily, and with Alzheimer’s it is double or triple that dose. From the existing research and anecdotal information there appears to be no side effects or contraindications in using product B at this level of dosage or any level.

As I grasp the meaning of this, I am seeing some correlations between the improvements brought on by Product B and the ancient Chinese medical quest for ways to strengthen pre-natal jing. In Chinese Medicine we have the Three Treasures. These are shen (spirit), chi (daily life-force), and jing primordial life-force essence which determines overall reserve vitality, longevity potential and (DNA Strength). Jing is regarded as pre-natal and post-natal. With proper lifestyle and live-food diet, people may repair and strengthen post-natal jing. I believe that Product B may be able to consistently build pre-natal jing. Up until now, this is unheard of except in the very rare cases. In Ayurveda, however, we have an ancient process called kaya kalpa, which has been shown to do this. For unique spiritual individuals with strong meditative abilities one may undergo certain disciplines that can stop aging or reverse aging. This is not available to laypeople, but, yes, this can be accomplished. People have been reported to grow new teeth, new hair, and regenerate. The life of Tapasviji Maharaj, who lived to be 186 years old into the 20th Century, was a documentation of this process. It is very difficult to find people in India who can guide others through this process. It is in essence inaccessible.

The point is that it can be done. One can rebuild the prenatal jing. With Product B it may now be available to common people on a mass level. This sets the stage for an epic transformation in our society. I am excited about this possibility as a researcher in this area. This possibility is not yet proven. It took 30 years to prove smoking causes cancer. The real question is should we wait until all the research is in, or should we take advantage of something that will improve the quality of our lives with no risks or toxicity?

Personally, I am presently taking Product B as part of my self-research and have seen some nice changes on many of these levels. Quantitatively, in 4 weeks, I have gone from 10 pull-ups to 24. This is more than I have ever done in my life at any age. There appears to be no risk or toxicity involved. The components of Product B are special proprietary extractions from common substances. These extractions have been shown in vitro to activate and lengthen telomeres. I’m glad to share this dramatic and exciting material with you.

Blessings to your enduring health and spirit,

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD (H), DD, Dip. American Board of Holistic Medicine, Dip. Ayurveda


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