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My Story: John Anderson Product B Formulator

I am now 33 years into the field of nutraceuticals and have created several thousand products for hundreds of companies.
Each morning, I awake feeling like I’m just getting started and it just keeps getting better and better, I know God
sent me on a mission here at this time and place when man kind need help the most.  Since the 1950′s, I knew there
was something very special waiting for me to achieve and felt something I must do on this earth.  As a child, Bill Andrews
had a mission to accomplish the ancient old dream, “To live Longer, Healthier and Cure Aging”.  Bill knew his dream and mission but
as a child, I did not know what I was to do on earth.  I tell you this because I believe you’ll understand what happened to me;
I was attending a church in Provo Utah from birth where they have a prayer at a young age laying their hands on you and almost
predicting your future, or at least this is what happened to me.  I sat on a chair listening to the prayer given to me; He stated,  “John Anderson,
you have a special calling on this earth, one I have never seen, a mission which will have an impact on many thousands of lives,
one which will change the world in many ways.  You have a higher calling, God has placed you here at the time your needed”.
You can imagine how this impacted me to hear that God had trusted in me to carry out some sort of mission to help hundreds of thousands
in their lives.  This was never forgotten, never set aside for one minute, I thought this was an impossible task.  How could one person do all this?
Impossible, or at least I thought so at the time.  I do believe in God and listened
Today, I understand the mission, how it has worked and the next steps I need to take.  I did start the dominos effect by creating products that impact the
most important issues we have.  The reality of my mission was to create the core (Life changing products) and gather the gladiators who’s mission is
just as important as mine; to share these with the world and save one life at a time.  Isagenix is only a vehicle for  the members who ARE Isagenix.
You and every member of the Isagenix family are the key to truly changing world health.  So, the mission and the blessing was not so hard after all.
It has taken a lot of sacrifice, 15 hour days almost every day, which is a small price to pay to see what we can do together as a team.
Bill Andrews and I came together for a reason, not by chance, we both have a mission to carry out on this earth just as you do Dave.  If you think
about the number of lives we have changed for the better through health and financial benefit, its impressive, AND, were just getting started.  At
least this was my thought this morning when I woke up!
Bill’s genius and experience and my background together is what was key to finding the beginning answers which will continue to lead us to the ultimate
support system for health.  Dave, now your part of us, we share the same dreams and mission, you didn’t just accidentally run into Isagenix, Bill, and I,
you were destined to become a part of it.
Family and our health are most important in life, but having financial freedom is also part of life.  My step-father Logan Barclay said he read in the Bible that,
“A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children.”  I was always glad to hear this, that making money was not a sin  LOL
I don’t tell this story a lot, not because I believe people will think I’m crazy, but because its a personal thing.  I  do want everyone to know how sincere
I am in wanting to really change world health.  Retiring is not in my vocabulary any more.
Bill and I talked about supporting you and all your loyal members and want to help by being on calls, attending meeting etc in any way possible.  I also
liked your approach in sharing the Product B first with 2 bottles to qualify, then gently ease into a fuller approach to ultimate health.  Some may say this is wrong
to just share a single product but I believe its affecting lives who will later see the importance of dealing with an arsenal of healthy foods and supplements.
Shivani, your email inspired me to tell my short version story, your truly an inspiration to me and you should tell others, someone out there needs our help!
I hope to meet you some day!
Hope to hear from you and have a schedule of your meetings, calls, and support plans such as social media etc.  Keep track and send me all the reported
health benefits you can, Bill and I both want to track these for scientific reasons.  I’m setting up a special email address for you to encourage everyone to send
their testimonies.
Thanks for all you do!
cc Kjersti

John W Anderson, Isagenix Founder

Dream Master, LLC
Telomere Technologies, LLC
Nutraceutical Research Sciences


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