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Pure Liquid Zeolite has organised with SAFE LABS a much cheaper rate for anyone who would like to have hair mineral analysis done.

Pure Liquid Zeolite does not make any $ from this but instead passes on all savings to you.

It is our hope to give more people access to this very worthwhile Information, to better understand their body’s toxin and nutritional levels.

They are based in Australia but can do it for any international person as well.

Usually it would cost $152

The cost is now $99 AUD

List Pure Liquid Zeolite as the practitioner name

Hair Analysis Form

How The Report Will Look

How The Analysis Works


Hair Cell Analysis​

Hair cell analysis is the best way to get a understanding of ​the built up amounts of heavy metals, and also your levels of nutrition.

Hair is used as one of the tissues of choice by the United States Environmental Protection agency in determining toxic metal exposure. They provide the following summary:

  • “The milk, urine, saliva and sweat measure the component that is absorbed but excreted.
  • The blood measures the component absorbed and temporarily in circulation before excretion and/or storage.
  • The hair, nails and teeth are tissues in which trace minerals are sequestered and/or stored.”

Since the structure of hair remains unchanged, the minerals are fixed in the hair and levels do not significantly change once that portion of hair has grown. The analysis accurately provides concentrations of minerals that have accumulated in the hair tissue over the hair growth period.

Safe Analytical Laboratories What They Test For

Using state-of-the art equipment (ICP MS, IC and AAS), we analyse the hair sample for a broad range of 39 essential, non-essential as well as toxic elements. The result provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the nutrient and toxic mineral content of the patient’s hair, together with significant ratios.

15 Essential Elements:

(B) Boron,(Cr) Chromium,(Mn) Manganese,(Se) Selenium
(Ca) Calcium,(Zn) Zinc,(Mo) Molybdenum,(Na) Sodium
(Co) Cobalt,(Fe) Iron,(P) Phosphorous,(S) Sulphur
(Cu) Copper,(Mg) Magnesium,(K) Potassium

12 Non-essential Elements:

(Al) Aluminium,(Li) Lithium,(Rb) Ribidium,(Sn) Tin
(Bi) Bismuth,(Ni) Nickel,(Si) Silica,(Ti) Titanium
(Au) Gold,(Pt) Platiunum,(Sr) Strontium,(V) Vanadium

12 Toxic Elements:

(Sb) Antimony,(Be) Beryllium,(Pb) Lead,(Tl) Thallium
(As) Arsenic,(Cd) Cadmium,(Hg) Mercury,(W) Tungsten
(Ba) Barium,(Ge) Germanium,(Ag) Silver,(U) Uranium

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